Saturday, October 18, 2008

National Heroscape Day

I wasn't able to attend any of the scheduled events, but i did the next best thing by playing a couple of games with C.K. at his house.

While I had a good time, I can't say I had a very successful outing.

We played two game using a map set up from one of the download sites. It was a pretty straightforward battlefield just using the basic set terrain. Essentially it was a flat battlefield with a steep and fairly high hill on my left and a small knoll with a glyph on the right. Running down the middle of the battlefield from the high ground and around the glyph's knoll was a stream.

Our first contest was a straight-up 450 point fight to the death. And die my army of elves did. I had a handful of elven wizards backed by some elven archers against a force of knights, a Soulborg and a dragon. All were wiped out with no real damage to C.K.'s force. The Elves suffered from not having any real heavy hitters and pretty weak defenses to boot. They had quite a few special abilities, but nothing that could turn the tide.

The second battle was a 600-point battle. I went with a Vydar largely Soulborg army while C.K. went with a pure Marro host. Things went decently well at first. I was able to use my range advantage to pick off a large portion of his forces while just losing one Major and a few squad pieces. Unfortunately his Marro drones got into close combat range and a good turn of fighting and a key initiative loss led to my force being mauled.

Enjoyable game, but I suffered a bit from not having played in a little while.

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