Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Craig not out?

Now Craig's saying he might not go.
I have very mixed feelings about this case.
On the one hand, I think he's a hypocrite and he probably was trolling for sex in a men's room, which certainly isn't the kind of behavior we should expect from a U.S. senator.
On the other hand, I'm not sure what he actually did, (as opposed to what he might have done, if given the opportunity) amounted to a crime. I'd like my crimes a little more concrete than tapping feet and running hands along bathroom stall edges.

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  1. I think what makes people more angry is not whether or not he was guilty of getting sex (this time) it would be the fact that he was trolling for it. From men. After years and years and years of saying "family values blah blah blah!" and "gays are bad!". Republicans are getting the royal beat-down with the number of gays and adulterers coming out of their ranks so... they're kind of in a tizzy.