Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another "phony soldier" heard from

Read only if you're ready for a lump in your throat:


  1. Go get him SOLDIER! And not a phony like our great leadership:Bush, Cheney, and of course Limbutt. To all Fighting men and women who like Limbutt and the rest. Ask them to go on patrol with you without a company of troops to protect them, and you will see how heroic they really are. Ignorance of our past wars are what continues to kill our phoney servicemen and women. Time to wakeup and pay the piper Rush.

    Gunny O, USMC RET

  2. Limbaugh didn't go to war because he had a serious case of ingrown ass hairs that required surgical correction. Seriously. Personally.. I'd call that a phony disease (also funny).