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Revised 6-set OB for WAS-2 In Harm's Way scenario

Continuing the updates for original War at Sea scenarios now that we have 6 sets to choose from, here is a revised OB for WAS-2 In Harm's Way about the Battle of Sunda Strait:

Revised 6-set OB for WAS-2 In Harm’s Way scenario

Allied Task Force

USS Houston CA
HMAS Sydney CL (HMAS Perth)
Witte de With DD (Evertsen)

Japanese Transport Force

Kinai Maru x 3
Jintsu CL (Natori)
Yukikaze DD x1 (Hatakaze)
Muresame DD x3 (Fubuki, Hatsuyuki, Shirayuki)
Nagatsuki DD x 1 (Asakaze) (card’s SA do not apply – no Long Lance, Tokyo Express)

Japanese Escort Force

Mogami CA x 1
Suzuya CA x 1 (Mikuma)
Shigure DD x 1 (Shikinami)


The official scenarios were published when War at Sea was brand new, as part of the marketing effort, Being so early, they required a crazy amount of proxies and some pretty extreme ones as well. This second official scenario, like most, had to use proxies for most of the units. With five more sets many of the gaps can be filled, but some proxies are still needed.

I thought it would be interesting to revisit and revise those scenarios now that we have six sets worth of units to choose from In the case of scenario WAS-2, The Battle of Sunda Strait, we see some of the key units from the historical battle now appearing as themselves, including the USS Houston and the Mogami.

Notes and rationales
Allied task force
USS Houston CA – we now have the actual ship, so it is used. The special rule doesn’t apply because the Houston doesn’t have extended range anyway. I considered reducing the Houston’s firepower because of its damaged third turret, but the Allies already have a challenging situation. Optionally reduce the Houston’s main battery firepower by 1 die.
HMAS Sydney CL –stands in for sister Perth.
Witt de With DD – stands in for near sister Evertsen.

Japanese Transport Force
Kinai Maru x 3 – no change
Jintsu CL – No change, proxy for similar Natori
Yukikaze DD x 1 – Stands in for sister Hatakaze.
Muresame DD x 3 – One of the biggest gaps in the War at Sea line is the Fubuki class destroyer. The later Kagero-class is the closest proxy. Stands in for Fubuki, Hatsuyuki and Shirayuki.
Nagatsuki DD x 1 – This stands in for the older Asakaze, which was a pre-Long Lance design, so it doesn’t get the special ability
Japanese Escort Force
Mogami CA x 1 – the actual ship is available, so it is used.
Suzuya CA x 1 – Stands in for sister ship Mikuma.
Shigure DD x 1 – Another Kagero stands in for the Fubuki-class Shikinami.

Original scenario:

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