Thursday, March 31, 2011

And then a hero arose ....

Game Store Tony and I continued our Grand Normandy Campaign, this time playing Pushing Through Caen -- although before long it looked like it would better be called Pushed Around Caen.

Yep, the initita going was grim for my British. Every attempt to push across the river was decimated and repulsed, and before long I was staring at the wrong side of a 4-1 medal count in the 5-medal game. My sole foothold remaining across the river was a single surviving troop figure hunkered down in some sandbags across the central bridge.

And then a hero arose.

Or at least that's my theory.

The first card that hinted at a turn-around in fortune was a Medica & Mechanics that restored the depleted unit to full strength. A subsequent shot from the Germans missed. Then a Behind Enemy Lines card allowed the rallied unit to charge close enough to fire upon and eliminate the German artilelry unit and then jump on the Verrieres Ridge medal objective!! Now it was 4-3 in the medal count.

A few turns of battling elsewhere left both sides weakened, with several units down to 1 or 2 figures, and the score tied at 4 apiece.

An attempt by a German infantry unit to retake Verrieres left it cut down to a single figure and Game Store Tony reluctantly pulled away to the shelter of a building -- and right into a Barrage card!

"That's it," Tony glumly noted as the four dice rattled across the table. After all , there was a 93.25% chance of getting at least once hit. A terrific come-from-behind win!

The dice rolled to a stop -- two stars and two tanks.

Oh, come ooooooooooooooon!!! Aaargh!

There was no second chance, as Game Store Tony's next shots scored that final hit for the final medal and a 5-4 scenario win, a 15-9 campaign win and brought the Grand Campaign to a tie. But worse, the dice quashed a great war story. Damn!


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