Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ellis Con worth the trip

Ellis High School is a tech school located off I-395 in Northeastern Conn. which has slowly become the site of one of New England's best little wargame-oriented conventions, sponsored by the high school's Simulation Club.

I don't know what the official count was, but there were well over 100 people taking part in games. Some were euros and simpler style wargames such a sMemoir '44 and Heroscape, but there were also a number of honest-to-goodness real hardcore wargames including some large world War II and modern tactical miniatures wargames, a large Civil War battle using Fire & Fury and a large WWII naval battle using a heavily modified version of the Axis & Allies War at Sea game.

There were also two simultaneous games of Global Axis & Allies, one of which I took part in and I plan to write up a a session report on it tomorrow.

It was, as always, a chance to see some old friend and overall was an excellent way to sepnd a Saturday.

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