Monday, October 18, 2010

Interesting discovery

The ram of an ancient warship discovered recently near Sicily could help establish where the famous last battle of the first Punic War took place. Credit: RPM Nautical Foundation

An interesting discovery was recently made off Sicily that may have pinpointed the site of a naval battle from the First Punic War, according to this article.

So far three rams have been found from the area. According to the article one was inscribed in Latin and was therefore definitely Roman, but the other two, includingt he latest, were plaina nd showed signs of being hastily made, pointing to a probable Carthagenian origin.

The article isn't clear, but it seems to refer to the Battle of the Aegates Islands, which is a scenario in War Galley and a notable Roman victory. This was the famous occasion where the Roamns constructed a fleet of 200 war galleys through patriotic efforts by wealthy citizens and groups of the less wealthy.

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