Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day 2009

It's a small thing, but I did manage to mark the 65th anniversary of D-Day in a couple of ways.

I watched the president's speech on the beach this morning. And Young General and I played one quick game of Lightning: D-Day.
I commanded the Allied forces, which successfully stormed the beaches.
One of these June's I'm going to have to do a whole weekend of D-Day re-enactments in "miniature." Besides Lightning: D-Day, I have Memoir '44 (doing an Overlord scenario on June 6 would be sweet), Axis & Allies Miniatures (with Higgins Boats!) and, of course the two giant games I would dearly like to do at least once, each -- the TCS game Omaha and the AH monster The Longest Day.

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  1. I watched Saving Private Ryan as a reflection on D-Day, never saw the whole thing. Everyone should see that movie.

    - EddieC