Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brief session report: Drive on Metz

Mark K and I wrapped up a full day of gaming with a match of the Jim Dunnigan Drive on Metz game, using the Victory Point Games edition.

While the flow of both games was quite different, in neithe rcase did the American side come close to victory. When I played the U.S> Mark was able to bog me down quite thoroughly and my troops never even got to the Moselle River. Mark didn't rack up a lot of points because he was pretty reluctant to release his mobile units to other fronts, but seeing as I didn't earn ANY victory points it hardly mattered that he didn't earn many.

The switch game was a bit wilder, with the Americans managing to fight their way into Thionville and reach the river, but also allowing the Germans to scoot the 106th Panzer Brigade off the map. In addition the Germans were able to spare a couple of panzergrenadier regiments in the early fighting. Between the different exiting units the Germans amassed a large lead in points, which was garnished with VPs for destroying the CCR unit in a surrounded attack, and the Americans again fell substantially short of anything resembling success.

Despite our universal lack of succes as the Americans neither of us was willing to call the game imbalanced, but felt more study was needed in order to uncover the best way to play that side.

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