Friday, November 21, 2008

Out of the box impression of Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition

I haven't even punched out the counters or taken the figures out of their bags, yet, so this is a very preliminary impression.

That said, I am impressed. It's a LOT of game. The storage boxes are an especially nice touch. In game storage is usually hit or miss and Hasbro's storage up to now hasn't usually been very inspired, but this game changes all that.

Besides solving the storage of parts, this conficuration of storage bixes should help keep the very large box rigid and avoid some of the kind of damage that tends to make large flat boxes less stury than other types.


  1. OUH HA! Its'all i have to say about it! Wonderfull game! I owned it since the launch date and beileve it or not, i play it four times with my brother!!! (total victory, about 6 hours each times!!!!!!) I write this post nov. 24!

    I should get a life!!!

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about this once you get the chance.