Friday, September 12, 2008

Hold the Line -- do as the Germans do

I think any objective observer would have to conclude that German game manufacturers make an exceptional product when it comes to sheer physical quality of the games.

One of the real benefits of the eurogame enthusiasm of the last decade or so has been to introduce American audiences to this level of quality. It's also forced American game makers, especially wargame companies to react, in the best free-market way.

I noted with interest that the newest wargame from Worthington Games is actually ?made in Germany."

While some U.S. game companies have imported English editions and even had German-made editions of U.S. games such as This Hallowed Ground, this may be the first time an American wargame company has turned to German production sources for the first run of a bona fide wargame.

I guess if you want German quality, do as the Germans do and make it there.

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