Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pimp: The Backhanding, funny, but who can I play it with?

I have a weakness for parody games, having several in my collection.

Most of my parody games are based on pretty grim subjects, if you think about it.

Nuclear War, of course, is perhaps the grimmest of all, but Junta isn't exactly a walk in the park, with street rioters being gunned down and returning politicos facing the firing squad. The entire Munchkin series parodies the looting and murdering ways of RPG adventure parties, while The Awful Green Things From Outer Space sees the crew of a spaceship fighting for their lives in a battle where even a victory will undoubtedly be a tragedy.

Bur none of those gives me as much pause as Pimp: The Backhanding. It's really the kind of game that you can only play in the right company, but I'm not sure I keep that sort of company any more. Gee, if only I had some college dorm buddies to play it with. Sadly, the game comes out about a quarter-century too late for that. Looks like shelf-bait from here.

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  1. Interested in selling your copy of "Pimp the Backhanding"? Just let me know if you still have it :) Ruatha 80 @ yahoo. com