Monday, April 7, 2008

Havoc convention report

Saturday I went up to Shrewbury for the Havoc game convention.
Over the years I've made a goodly number of these cons. It's always well-run and they seem to have settled into a comfortable venue at Maironis Park, a hall in Shrewbury.
The Con starts Friday night and runs through Sunday morning, but I generally just go for Saturday which allows three game sessions.
This year I spent the first two sessions taking part in Peter Landry's Battle of Eylau using Napoleon's Battles rules and I capped the night off playing Axis & Allies: War at Sea. I called the night early because I was starting to feel ill, but overall it was a good day.
It's always good to see gamers I've met over the years. We're all spreading in the middle, getting greyer and/or balder and acquiring more wrinkles, too.
As usual, there were a lot of interesting games in the hall. Among the most notable in presentation was an Old West setup in the basement and a really snazzy sci fi setup upstairs.
There weren't as many venders as usual, with some folks I'm used to seeing not there, so I wonder if some stayed away because of higher gas or lower sales.
Attendence at the con, itself, seemed comparable to previous years and all the games seemed to have adequate numbers.

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