Thursday, October 4, 2007

Truth doesn't matter

That appears to be the reality of American politcal discourse today.
Relevant quote from Andrew Sullivan, talking about the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas/Bill Clinton-Paula Jones stories:

I remember the hearings vividly. I was much more comfortable within the conservative world back then. I still thought it was obvious that Hill was telling the truth. In sexual harassment suits, I tend to believe the women. And I couldn't see Hill's motive for putting herself through all that for no reason. I also believed Paula Jones, of course, and most of the other victims of Bill Clinton's petty, ugly abuses of power. But the Clinton sexual harassment wars merely confirm Somin's argument, don't they? All the conservatives believed the women in Clinton's case. And almost all the liberals - and the feminists - trashed the abused women. In the cycle America has been in since the sixties, the truth is barely relevant.

Emphasis mine.
What seems to be missing today is any sense that standards should apply to both sides. It's simply not a principle unless you hold your own people to it, folks. Right now neither left, nor right, GOP nor Dem shows any true principles at all.

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