Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Quick review: A Tragic Legacy

I wrapped up one of my two anti-Bush books I've been reading. Glenn Greenwald's A Tragic Legacy is definitely the quicker read. It's a well-organized, tightly argued piece that makes a damning and disturbing case that Bush's legacy will be defined by his black vs. white, Good vs. Evil world view.
It's disturbing on many levels, but two that come to mind are the whole torture issue and the possibility of war with Iran.
As far as torture goes, Greenwald's book explains how someone who believes they are serving Good can engage in the most monstrous acts with a clear conscience. Of all my beefs with Bush, torture is the most irredeemable.
War with Iran would be an absolute, unmitigated disaster, but Greenwald's book makes a persuasive argument that Bush's worldview makes such a war nearly inevitable. God help us.

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