Friday, June 8, 2007

I really think I'm going to be sick

According to Obsidian Wings, a Human Rights report suggests that the U.S. has "disappeared" a few dozen people in connection with its war on terror. A distrubing enough allegation, and it's sickening that such reports are now to be taken seriously, rather than dismissed out-of-hand.
But among the "disappeared" are the young sons (under 10 years old) of one of the top al-Qaeda leaders.
At this point the only question left to ask Bush is the one that was asked of Sen. Jospeh Mccarthy so long ago, during another dark chapter of American history " "Have you no decency, sir?"

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  1. Hmm. Let me get this straight. Some people died in a war? This includes children of people who would not hesitate to send their kids into a crowded market to blow themselves up.

    I take offense at the notion that the Bush administration is sensible enough to take even this small, common sense step that you suggest is so outrageous.

    Bush is fighting a polite war. Our enemies are not.

    Leaders of rival Muslim groups would target the children of our enemy, Bush doesn't have the balls. And therein lies the likely explanation of who is killing children.

  2. I hardly think Bush has been fighting a "polite" war, but even if he HAD been figting the war in accordance with American values that would be not be an excuse for dishonoring us by fighting "dirty."
    We're not going to win this struggle by being more evil than our enemies. We won't win that kind of contest (and what would "winning" even mean?) We win by being in the right, because this is a struggle over ideas and ideals. We successfully faced down the greatest evils of the 20th Century in large part because our values and ideals were more attractive.
    "Disappearing" children is dishonorable and shameful.