Sunday, May 13, 2007

On a lighter note

Among the many pleasures of having my collegiate son visiting this weekend was to enjoy the company of a like-minded gamer. We had some fun with an evening of nonstop card-playing of a decidedly unserious kind. Rounding out our table was my second-grader stepson.
Fortunately for the old man's ego, I had given my little speech about "how much I enjoyed playing, without worrying about winning." There was at least some plausible doubt that maybe I wasn't trying too hard ... right.
We started off playing Fluxx, which my son described as a card-game version of "Calvin Ball." Fans of the old Calvin & Hobbes know that the only rule of Calvin Ball was that the rules were always changing. Fluxx is much the same. The game starts with just two rules: Draw 1 card and Play 1 card. But new cards can add new rules. Other cards allow actions (such as draw three cards). Some other cards are "keepers" (such as "war" or "cookies." And a fourth type of card provides the goal of the game (such as whoever has the goal "milk" and "cookies" on the table wins.) Supposedly there are 23 ways to win.
It's a game of extreme chaos and we had a ball. My son demonstrated exceptional luck/skill by winning three games, while the second-grader took one. Dad was a win less wonder.
Well-primed by Fluxx, we then moved on to various Munchkin-series games and even dear old Dad managed to win once. Actually everybody won once, as we played Munchkin Impossible, Munchkin Cthulhu and Munchkin Bites once each. Good stuff!

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