Sunday, April 22, 2007


On a lighter note, I had a good time organizing a session of Star Munchkin this weekend. As much as I've enjoyed playing Munchkin-series games, I haven't had much success. In multi-player games I'm usually identified by the other players as an early threat and end up being ganged-up on in the early going. Saturday I played three 3-way games of Star Munchkin and managed to win the first one. Another player won the next two games running away, accumulating awesome amounts of stuff.
My impression of Star Munchkin is that the combinable laser weapons can result in some very overpowered players compared to the other games in the series. If a player can cobble together three or four "aser" weapons he can take on most of the powerful monsters all by himself, which is tougher in basic Munchkin.

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  1. I was spoiled when I started playing Munchkin. I started playing with Star Munchkin and and then the rest. I have noticed that the lack of 'aser' weapons in other games definitely makes them far more challenging! A solution, is to make the others easier by mixing in the Star Munchkin cards to bring this in-balance to the rest!